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Career Guidance and Counselling

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Career Guidance and Counselling (COU256)


This course is designed to help students recognise the evolving career needs of students and adult workers, and prepares them to conduct career guidance and development activities suitable for their clients. The course will present theories of career development to help students understand how individuals make career choices and their vocational behaviours. It will also discuss issues related to job loss and career development, and application of different theoretical frameworks and techniques when counselling clients on career planning and management.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY
E-Learning: BLENDED - Learning is done MAINLY online using interactive study materials in Canvas. Students receive guidance and support from online instructors via discussion forums and emails. This is supplemented with SOME face-to-face sessions. If the course has an exam component, this will be administered on-campus.


  • Goals of Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Relevance of career guidance in 21st Century Singapore
  • Sectors in Singapore where career guidance and development activities would be required
  • Career Planning Process
  • Understanding how individuals make career decisions, and vocational behaviour
  • Traits-oriented theories
  • Use of online career assessment tool based on Holland’s Theory
  • Developmental Theories
  • Krumboltz’s Learning Theory for Career Counselling
  • Krumboltz’s Happenstance Approach
  • Compare and contrast Traits-oreinted Theories and Developmental Theories
  • Administration of career assessment tools to facilitate clients’ self-awareness
  • Impact of job loss
  • Adult career needs
  • Challenges of adult career transition
  • Career guidance and counselling activities in work settings
  • Career guidance in school settings
  • Activities that would be helpful for clients’ career education
  • Schemes in Singapore to help individuals in career development

Learning Outcome

  • • Give reasons for the importance of career guidance and development in the 21st Century workplace
  • • Present an overview of theories of career development
  • • Compare and contrast different approaches to career counselling
  • • Discuss career development process through the life span
  • • Explain career decision- making using different career counselling theories
  • • Comment on issues related to impact of job loss, career transition and career development at the workplace
  • • Identify sectors/areas in Singapore’s development where career guidance and development activities are required
  • • Appraise different career decision-making processes
  • • Demonstrate the use of common assessment tools in career guidance and counselling
  • • Interpret vocational behaviours using relevant career theories and theoretical models
  • • Apply knowledge and skills learnt to identify individual client’s career needs, and provide career counselling assistance to clients
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