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Ethics and Skills in Multicultural Counselling

Ethics and Skills in Multicultural Counselling (COU503)


This course is designed to explore the complexities of culture and it’s influence on ethical and counselling practices. The primary aim is to provide awareness and understanding of multicultural counselling and therapy.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Multiculturalism and the RESPECTFUL framework
  • Multicultural competence for counsellors
  • Multicultural biases in counselling
  • Microaggression and multicultural barriers to counselling
  • Communication style and its impact on counselling
  • Western and Asian cultural identities in counselling context
  • Non-Western indigenous methods of healing
  • Advanced topics in multicultural-counselling I (e.g., persons living in poverty, non-binary individuals
  • Advanced topics in multicultural-counselling II (e.g., minors; seniors)
  • Advanced topics in multicultural-counselling III (e.g., men and women; ethnic minorities)
  • Culturally appropriate interventions
  • Integrative multicultural counselling

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse the influence of counsellors’ cultural background, experience, belief system, attitudes,
  • Evaluate multicultural theories in explaining belief systems, attitudes, values and biases across
  • Appraise professional and ethical practices when working in multicultural contexts.
  • Assess the complexity of culture and its role in counselling.
  • Critique the incorporation of multicultural theories into current counselling practices.
  • Formulate one’s own integrated approach to multicultural counselling.
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