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Theories and Techniques in Career Counselling

Theories and Techniques in Career Counselling (COU563)


This course is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills to conduct career counselling with diverse clientele groups within and outside the workplace as well as in educational settings. Through interactive and experiential learning, they will also develop insights and become empowered in their own career planning.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY 2 YEARS


  • Developing helping relationships
  • Training and leading groups
  • Critiquing and applying theories of career development
  • Appraising new & emerging career development theories and their application
  • The role of assessment in career planning
  • Ethics, consultation/supervision, professional standards & credentialing, and professional associations in Singapore
  • Providing career services to multicultural populations and addressing diversity, equity, and inclusivity
  • Job seeking and employability skills
  • Designing and implementing career planning services
  • Career development interventions for students in educational settings
  • Career development services for adults in workforce setting
  • Future Trends in career development interventions

Learning Outcome

  • Formulate helping and facilitation skills to engage clients in guidance and counselling
  • Critique career development theories, models, approaches to inform practice.
  • Score and interpret career assessments and help clients to utilise information for career planning
  • Appraise technology, information systems, and career development computer applications.
  • Prepare clients to develop job search techniques and strategies and enhance their employability skills.
  • Design, implement and evaluate career development interventions and services for diverse clientele groups in educational and workforce settings
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