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Building Communities and Forging Identities

Building Communities and Forging Identities (CSD502)


CSD502 Building Communities and Forging Identities provides an introduction and important grounding to the topic of community building and identity formation within societies, with particular attention to Singapore society. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach that combines useful knowledge from the social sciences and practical community leadership skills informed by a range of professional and people-management disciplines. Students will gain familiarity with complex issues related to culture, religion, social inclusivity, inequality and national identity within local and global contexts. Such knowledge will be combined with essential relation building and resource mobilization skills required for community engagement and social outreach.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • What is a Community?
  • The Relationship between Society and the Individual
  • Identity Formation: Classical and Modern Perspectives
  • Community, Society and Nation
  • History, Culture and Nationalism
  • Urbanization and Community in Singapore
  • Challenges of Community-Building
  • Understanding Diversity and Inequality
  • Relationship Building and Resource Management
  • Ground-up Communities and Identities
  • Managing Conflict in the Community
  • Serving to Lead: Community Leadership that Works

Learning Outcome

  • Describe the key perspectives on community building and identity formation.
  • Explain the possible challenges to community building and identity formation.
  • Propose possible stratetgies to build communities and forge identities.
  • Relate social scientific knowledge to practical situations for community leadership.
  • Apply relationship building and resource management skills within a community.
  • Evaluate various approaches to community building and identity formation.
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