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Media/Multimedia Translation

Media/Multimedia Translation (CTI204)


This course equips students with fundamental knowledge in the methods and techniques of translating media and multimedia materials from English to Chinese and vice versa. It provides a conceptual framework for understanding the nature of different types of media texts (e.g., print media, TV, radio, movies and new media). Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics of news and learn to apply appropriate techniques to translate them. In addition, students will also learn to edit and translate news from different mediums, including print media, press releases and social media posts in Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. Differences between traditional media and new media, as well as issues in trans-editing will be explored. Examples will be drawn from news and media materials covering a wide range of topics including politics, international relations, economy, crime, education, technology, and culture. Besides acquiring skills in the translation and trans-editing of news, students will be introduced to basic skills in translating subtitles for audio-visual materials, taking into account the linguistics and technical constraints. Cultural issues in the translation of subtitles will also be discussed. The course will not only expose students to theoretical knowledge in media and multimedia translation, but also offer hands-on learning opportunities through in-class exercises, TMAs, online discussions and exams.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Media Translation and Language in the News
  • Translation Techniques and Translation of News Leads
  • Translation of News Reports
  • Trans-Editing News
  • Subtitles and Translation Strategies
  • Subtitling Films and TV Dramas

Learning Outcome

  • Recognise linguistic features of Chinese and English news materials
  • Outline common skills in media writing including that of news leads and subtitles so as to apply such skills in their translation
  • Demonstrate competence in translating, trans-editing and post-editing media materials such as social media posts and newspaper articles from English to Chinese and vice versa
  • Analyse the techniques used in translating various components of media materials
  • Develop an awareness of the effects of genre, function and medium in the translation of media materials or in subtitling
  • Examine the source text in terms of its context, co-text and function and apply such an understanding in rendering it into the target text
  • Execute the translation of various types of media materials from English to Chinese and vice versa, with emphasis on accuracy and speed
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