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Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation (CTI207)


The course is a continuation of CTI205 Introduction to Interpretation and provides intensive training in consecutive interpretation techniques with emphasis on interpreting dialogues and passages of considerable level of difficulty. Panic-fighting skills and nerve-controlling power will be part of the training process. The course will cover a wide range of scenarios in consecutive interpretation in order to prepare students for the real-life project. Students are required to go through a lot of self-practice to consolidate the skills learnt and achieve the professionalism in interpretation. The course will be conducted in a small group in the interpretation lab.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Pre-requisites of interpreters
  • Logic and coherence in interpretation
  • Anticipation in Interpretation
  • English and Chinese Varieties
  • Preparation before Interpretation/ Cross-cultural Communication
  • Coping techniques in Interpretation

Learning Outcome

  • Identify different types of strategies and techniques in consecutive interpretation
  • Recognize the language varieties of the source language and target language and outline effective ways of preparatory work before interpretation
  • Develop a good vocabulary for the most common scenarios in interpretation
  • Apply appropriate techniques in interpreting from English to Chinese and vice versa in the given situation
  • Appraise the cultural and social subtleties in the process of interpretation
  • Solve problems in difficult situations in interpretation
  • Show competence in interpreting dialogues and speeches for official functions such as business negotiation, and negotiation and conferences on international and domestic affairs, of a considerable level of difficulty, with accuracy, clarity and coherence
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