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Translation of Business and Trade Documents

Translation of Business and Trade Documents (CTI209)

Applications Open: 01 May 2023

Applications Close: 15 June 2023

Next Available Intake: July 2023

Course Types: Modular Undergraduate Course

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $1378 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Linguistics and Languages

Schemes: Alumni Continuing Education (ACE)

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: School of Humanities & Behavioural Sciences


This course builds on the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired from Fundamentals of Translation. It is designed to equip students with the specialised skills and techniques in translating business and trade documents including advertisements, business correspondence, contracts and agreements, memorandums, notices, news releases and annual reports. The students will meet with the challenges to translate various types of business-related documents with considerable difficulty and complexity. They will also be provided the opportunities to familiarise themselves with the jargon, terminologies and also the subject-matters associated with such documents. In the process, the students will also learn to render the texts with appropriate choices of words and expressions, taking into consideration the cultural differences and sensitivities.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Introduction to Translation of Business and Trade Documents
  • Translation of Business-related Names
  • Translation of Advertisements
  • Translation of Business Correspondence
  • Translation of Business Contracts and Agreements
  • Translation of Corporate Documents

Learning Outcome

  • Recognize various categories and types of business and trade (B&T) documents
  • Outline the similarities and differences between English and Chinese B&T documents, in terms of language, conventions, culture, etc
  • Compare the language features and styles for various types of B&T writings
  • Determine principles and guidelines in translating B&T documents
  • Apply the appropriate methods, techniques and skills in translating B&T document, including commonly used special terms, jargons and expressions
  • Appraise the effectiveness of the translation based on the principles and guidelines
  • Practice two-way (English to Chinese, Chinese to English) translation of B&T documents with appropriate formats, conventions, styles and features, quality and speed
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