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Assessment and Intervention (儿童发展评量)

Assessment and Intervention (儿童发展评量) (ECL301)

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Language: Chinese

Duration: 6 months

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Area of Interest: Education

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School/Department: S R Nathan School of Human Development


This course is designed to assist students in understanding the purposes and methods in child development evaluation. It will outline methods in assessing the various aspects of child development. Application of evaluation results will be introduced. Students will be empowered to collate fieldwork data using appropriate evaluation tools to assess a child’s developmental progress, interpret the evaluation result for follow-ups in behavioural` and learning intervention.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Child Development Assessment concept
  • Evaluation methods and areas
  • Characteristics of appropriate evaluation tools
  • Preparation and steps of assessment evaluation
  • Temperament assessment and evaluation
  • Physical and sensory assessment evaluation
  • Evaluation practice
  • Language assessment evaluation
  • Cognitive assessment evaluation
  • Social development assessment evaluation
  • The meaning and explanation of evaluation data
  • Discussion and application of evaluation results

Learning Outcome

  • Examine the areas of child development
  • Use theories and principles of child development assessments
  • Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of assessment tools
  • Plan assessments of children's development
  • Apply assessment tools for young children
  • Propose appropriate recommendations for children’s development
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