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Early Childhood Creative Drama and Chinese Language Education (幼儿阶段的戏剧与华语文教学)

Early Childhood Creative Drama and Chinese Language Education (幼儿阶段的戏剧与华语文教学) (ECL307)


ECL307 Early Childhood Creative Drama and Chinese Language Education aims to equip students with knowledge of the principles and practices of creative drama and skills to connect drama with Chinese language literacy in early childhood education. Students will explore the significant pedagogic relationships between drama education and the teaching of Chinese language literacy. It will incorporate expressive exercises in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, students will learn strategies in planning, teaching, and assessing drama-integrated lessons in the early childhood Chinese curriculum.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Young learners’ development/learning of language
  • Approaching literacy with drama
  • Play and drama in the early childhood
  • Introduction to contemporary drama education
  • Principles of planning and teaching drama for young learners
  • Drama techniques for young learners to listen to Chinese
  • Drama techniques for young learners to read Chinese
  • Signs and meaning-making in drama and literacy
  • Learning reading and writing Chinese in Drama
  • Dramatising stories: planning to presentation
  • Structuring drama with stories
  • General principles and practical strategies

Learning Outcome

  • 例举并说明儿童语文技巧的发展 (Illustrate the development of children’s literacy skills.)
  • 辨别当代戏剧教育的理论与实践 (Distinguish the theories and practices of contemporary drama education.)
  • 规划戏剧融入的华语文课程 (Plan drama-integrated lessons for Chinese literacy.)
  • 说明语文与戏剧教育与幼儿的关连 (Demonstrate the link between drama education and literacy development for young learners.)
  • 检测有利於幼儿学习语文的戏剧惯例 (Examine drama conventions that facilitate young children’s literacy.)
  • 设计并演示以戏剧进行的华语文教学 (Design drama education framework for Chinese literacy.)
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