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Creative Writing: Prose

Creative Writing: Prose (ELT256)


What makes us enjoy a children’s story, a fairy tale, or even someone’s personal story? ELT256 Creative Writing: Prose addresses this question by developing students’ skills in the narrative craft. This is a practical writing course that enables students to create compelling and engaging narratives in short fiction and non-fiction. The focus is on the elements and techniques of the short story and the narrative essay. Students will hone their writing skills in course-directed activities and design their own creative writing projects.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • The creative writing process
  • Types of short fiction and style
  • Setting the scene
  • Showing and telling
  • Perspectives and points of view
  • Breathing life into characters
  • Plot and structure
  • Elements of the narrative essay
  • The voice of personal experience
  • Shaping style, structure and thought
  • Managing the creative project
  • Platforms for publishing: journals, blogs, magazines and more

Learning Outcome

  • Identify key elements and techniques in short fiction and the narrative essay.
  • Distinguish the various genres and styles in creative narrative writing.
  • Analyse how narrative technique and form create meaning in stories and essays.
  • Develop narrative outlines that illustrate compelling storytelling.
  • Apply the elements and techniques of short fiction and essay in creative writing.
  • Execute a creative writing project.
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