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Special and Mega Events

Special and Mega Events (EMT401)


EMT401 Special and Mega Events will equip students to analyze the place of mega and iconic events within the market place. It will include: categories of mega events, history of mega events; mega events and society; the role of government in the bidding process; mega events as a mechanism for economic and business development; external factors influencing events; mega events as a driver for change.

Level: 4
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Classification and Characteristics of Special and Mega events
  • Costs and Benefits incurred by Host Cities: Sociological, Economic, and Political Significance of Bids
  • Marketing for International Events
  • Management and Operations for International Events
  • Role of Government and Citizen Involvement
  • International Events and Impact on Global Media
  • Case study: National Day Parade
  • Case study: Festive Celebrations - Christmas/ New Year
  • Case study: Great Singapore Sale
  • Case study: Singapore APEC
  • Case study: Singapore Asian Games and Youth Olympics
  • Case Study: Singapore General Elections

Learning Outcome

  • Categorize and explain the characteristics of special and mega events
  • Compare different special and mega events
  • Appraise international events and its impact on global media
  • Analyze the place of mega and iconic events within the market place
  • Plan and manage special and mega events
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits incurred by host cities of special and mega events
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