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Hands-on Lab with Multichain

Hands-on Lab with Multichain (FIN555)

Applications Open: 01 May 2024

Applications Close: 15 June 2024

Next Available Intake: July 2024

Course Types: Modular Graduate Course

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $1100 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Finance

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: SkillsFuture

School/Department: School of Business


FIN555 Hands-on Lab with Multichain focuses on hands-on lab training and lay a solid foundation in the architecture of Multichain. Multichain is a fork of Bitcoin Core and is designed with maximal compatibility with the Bitcoin protocol in mind. Because the Bitcoin protocol is by far the most mature and proven public blockchain technology in the world, this makes Multichain a very suitable candidate for developing real world production-grade applications. After this course, students are expected to have grasped the knowledge and programming skills in building a private blockchain network, designing and transacting assets, as well as forking a new blockchain to specific use. The course aims to build students’ capabilities in assessing and designing variants of Bitcoin in the market independently.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Concepts of the Bitcoin protocol
  • Proof-of-Work consensus and mining
  • Public and private blockchains
  • Bitcoin address and wallet
  • Transaction and block structure
  • Bitcoin scripting language
  • Multichain private blockchain platform
  • Multichain consensus
  • Multichain programming API
  • Multisignature address and its usage
  • Atomic exchange transaction

Learning Outcome

  • Appraise the key concepts of Bitcoin as a special case of Multichain
  • Assess the differences between a private blockchain and a public blockchain, their respective advantages and limitations when applied to solve real world problems
  • Evaluate the key concepts of Multichain including permissions management, native asset and data stream
  • Construct a private and permissioned blockchain network with Multichain
  • Create native assets in private network, where the assets can be managed and transacted
  • Design and develop applications using Multichain
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