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Inclusive FinTech

Inclusive FinTech (FIN651)


This course introduces students to the landscape of investment in FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Inclusion. In particular, the students will learn about emerging cryptography technology that will transform the financial sector, as well as how and where to apply inclusive FinTech for distribution of trust, privacy protection, and sustainability in digital finance. The role of digital assets as a diversification asset class within the traditional portfolio allocation will be investigated. The course will focus, not on the mathematical and technical aspects of the underlying asset class, but on the translation aspects of these technologies to finance.

Level: 6
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Digital currency, bitcoin and cryptocurrency
  • Introduction to Initial Crowd Sales
  • The Characteristics of Token Investors
  • Blockchain: An Introduction
  • Blockchain: A Technical Introduction
  • Cryptocurrency as an investment class
  • Inclusive FinTech & FinTech in ASEAN
  • Inclusive FinTech & FinTech in China
  • US Versus China in FinTech and Banking
  • Case Study-Alibaba Versus Tencent
  • Case Study-Ping An
  • Case Study-Huawei and 5G

Learning Outcome

  • Appraise the structure of crypto-tokens and blockchain;
  • Assess different crypto-tokens and blockchain designs;
  • Compare the different fundraising methods for FinTech companies and crypto-related assets;
  • Arrange to allocate investment resources for FinTech, token and blockchain projects;
  • Examine the impact of emerging FinTech and crypto technology on the traditional financial sector and the drivers for investment returns;
  • Experiment Inclusive FinTech with theory;
  • Defend the importance of underserved markets in sustaining growth through inclusion.
  • Analyse Fintech projects
  • Identify the key risks aligning to a business or a project
  • Evaluate different corporate strategies for FinTech companies
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