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Procurement and Contract Management

Procurement and Contract Management (FMT203)


FMT203 Procurement and Contract Management provides students an understanding of procurement process and different types of contracts currently employed in the industry. The course aims to equip students with knowledge that covers tendering procedures, preparation of tender documents, payment and procurement procedures. Students are also exposed to writing of specifications and description writing of contract, preparation of subcontracting and insurance, performance bond, key performance indicators and the various indemnity clauses.

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Forms of Contract used for Facilities Management/ Project Management
  • Delay, Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages
  • Payment and Final Account Procedures
  • Claims Management Procedure
  • Development of Procurement Plan and Strategies
  • Contractual Arrangements
  • Tender Documentation, Evaluation and Award
  • Specification and Description Writing
  • Procurement Management for Contractors (e.g. Sub-contractors and suppliers)
  • Trends and Development in Contractual Arrangements and Procurement
  • Moving Forward in Procurement

Learning Outcome

  • At the end of the course, students should be able to:
  • A. Knowledge and Understanding (Theory Component)
  • 1. Discuss the principles of contract provisions, procurement process and tendering procedures
  • 2. Explain the roles and principles of contract provisions such as Instruction and Direction, Quality of Workmanship and Material, Sub-contracting, Extension of Time and Delay, Variation, Liquidated Damages, Payment and Risk Management
  • 3. Examine issues and trends in the industry, and corresponding developments in contract administration and procurement management
  • B. Key Skills (Practical Component)
  • 1. Interpret simple specifications and descriptions for works and services
  • 2. Prepare tender documents and manage the procurement process for projects using working knowledge of finance, budgeting and resource allocation
  • 3. Calculate contractual payment and compensation
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