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Ageing and Informatics

Ageing and Informatics (GER401)


GER401 Ageing and Informatics examines the state of health informatics in the care of seniors and the state of technology in this field. The field of information technology has evolved to cover topics of enhanced interest in Artificial Technologies (AI) through Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) which offer new possibilities to field of ageing. AI is smart technologies in pattern recognition and has successfully broken new grounds in healthcare for cancer diagnosis and pharmaceutical areas. Ageing is multi-factorial and multi-dimensional over a period of time. It can benefit from fields of informatics in home environment, integrated healthcare systems, consumer level health informatics, nutrition and medication. This course will provide an overview of the expanding field of health informatics to support interdisciplinary needs of researchers, clinicians, carers and policy makers for the ageing community.

Level: 4
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Concepts of information technologies in field of ageing
  • Development in Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep learning and Ageing
  • Technologies for their health information and decision making
  • Age of Personalisation with informatics
  • Telehealth and informatics in personalized care of seniors
  • Health informatics in ageing research and development
  • Informatics and Health Promotion
  • Case studies of informatics and ageing
  • Acceptance and Use of Information technology
  • Ethics, Privacy issues and disputes in use of technology
  • Future prospects of health informatics in ageing

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss concepts and trends of health informatics and technologies in Ageing.
  • Distinguish the use of suitable informatics technologies to better manage the conditions of diseases, chronic illness for seniors.
  • Develop community-based activities incorporating seniors’ feedback in the design and implementation of effective eHealth interventions.
  • Analyse the latest developments in the field of physical activity and evaluate the practices and trends to apply in present contexts.
  • Appraise the privacy and ethical issues in use of health informatics for seniors and their caregivers.
  • Examine appropriate health information and assessment strategies in creating interactions with the seniors on various technology platforms.
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