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Dissertation (HDS799)


Students are expected to complete a doctoral dissertation that reflects an original and independent scholarly contribution to the state of knowledge in the field of Gerontology. This will culminate in a thesis examination, which is followed by an oral defense. The student will be guided by a dissertation supervisor in the completion of the chapters of his/her dissertation. As a preparation for the actual oral defense, a mock oral defense will be planned for each student. The culmination of a doctoral student’s final stage of graduate research study lies in the writing, submission and defense of the dissertation.

Level: 7
Credit Units: 80
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • The topics would be aligned to the topic of the dissertation.

Learning Outcome

  • Prepare a scientific and rigorous research proposal.
  • Analyse and discuss research results.
  • Conclude implications of results.
  • Plan and execute data collection during field research.
  • Organize and interpret data with strong analytical skills
  • Construct a detailed and comprehensive dissertation.
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