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Innovative Safety Coaching and Leadership

Innovative Safety Coaching and Leadership (HFS307)


One of the key success factor for safety effort is the commitment, drive and leadership of senior management. The course aims to equip students with knowledge on how to lead safety at a strategic level. Participants are introduced to the different leadership styles and learn how to align the safety vision with the broader significant goals of the organisation, develop strategic and innovative plans, energize the commitment and involvement of workers and roll out effective safety management efforts. Students are required to conduct their own research on best practices on safety leadership by interviewing safety leaders in industry. The course will include seminars by key safety leaders who will share their time-tested strategies and insights in safety management.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Safety Performance and Business Performance
  • Building a Safety Culture
  • Behaviour Based Safety
  • Leadership Approaches
  • Best Practices in Safety Leadership
  • Coaches as Leaders
  • Safety Coaching Skills
  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Leadership through Design Innovation and Thinking
  • Strategic and Sustainable Safety Management
  • Case Studies in Safety Coaching and Leadership

Learning Outcome

  • Explain safety performance goals with organisational goals
  • Examine concepts and rationale of safety culture and behaviour-based safety
  • Analyse different styles of leadership applied to safety
  • Illustrate best practices in safety leadership
  • Apply design innovation to develop safety programmes
  • Propose strategic and sustainable safety management systems
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