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Assessment and Selection

Assessment and Selection (HRM373)


Assessment and selection are seminal topics within human resource management. Their applications ensure that employees have the necessary skills, knowledge and capabilities that will enable the organisation to remain competitive and sustain its development. The recognition of the strategic potential of assessment and selection in enhancing organisational performance places a great deal of emphasis on getting the ‘right person’ for the job. This course examines the theories, concepts and practice of the assessment and selection process.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Overview: models of assessment and selection
  • Assessment and selection in the hiring process
  • Selection as a two-way process
  • Identifying needs: from job analysis to person specification
  • Reliability and validity
  • Assessment of aptitude and ability
  • Personality assessment
  • Work simulation
  • Screening, background checks, and assessment of integrity
  • Gaming the system: impression management
  • Technological innovation in assessment and selection
  • Assessment, selection, and the law

Learning Outcome

  • Distinguish between the various assessment measurement models and concepts
  • Analyse the different types and styles of selection methods
  • Describe some of the theoretical and practical problems associated with various assessment and selection tools
  • Apply key measurement concepts for a variety of selection situations
  • Develop an appropriate assessment toolkit for hiring personnel
  • Plan an assessment and selection system to support staff recruitment
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