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Patent Office Action

Patent Office Action (IPM525)


IPM525 Patent Office Action prepares students to sit for the Singapore Patent Agent Qualifying Examination Paper B: Amendment of a Patent Specification. The course delves into evaluating the patentability of patent applications and drafting responses to written opinions / office actions. Students will also practice amending claims and specifications as well as following up with the relevant stakeholders.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Patent Applications
  • Qualifying Criteria for Patentability
  • Components of a Written Opinion / Office Action
  • Responding to Novelty Objections
  • Responding to Inventive Step Objections
  • Addressing Unpatentable Subject Matter / Industrial Applicability Objections
  • Support, Clarity and Enablement
  • Unity of Invention
  • Types of Disclosure and Effect as Prior Art
  • Responses to Written Opinion / Office Actions
  • Considerations When Responding to a Written Opinion / Office Actions
  • Amendment of Patent Claims and Specifications
  • Consequences Associated with Improper Management of Written Opinions / Office Actions
  • Follow-up with Relevant Stakeholders.

Learning Outcome

  • Examine the components of a written opinion / office action
  • Assess the considerations when responding to a written opinion / office action
  • Appraise the consequences associated with improper management of written opinions / office actions
  • Evaluate the patentability of patent applications in accordance with the qualifying criteria for patentability in view of prior art
  • Examine the viability of clients' instructions and business interests
  • Revise claims and specifications to overcome rejections / objections
  • Organise and follow up with relevant stakeholders on proposed response to written opinions / office actions and its implications to clients’ objectives
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