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IP in the Global Context

IP in the Global Context (IPM535)


IPM535 IP in the Global Context examines the international intellectual property (IP) system and addresses the legal issues raised by the trade of products protected by IP rights (IPRs). This course reviews the key international agreements and provisions as well as offers a comparative analysis of some of the most relevant national laws, in particular, the IP system adopted by the US and the EU, as these systems have largely been at the basis of the development of internal IP law.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Introduction to the International IP System
  • International and Comparative Trademark Law
  • Geographical Indications of Origin
  • International and Comparative Design Law
  • International and Comparative Patent Law
  • International and Comparative Protection of Trade Secrets
  • Protection of Plant Varieties
  • Protection of Traditional Knowledge
  • International and Comparative Copyright Law
  • The Protection of (Traditional) Cultural Expressions
  • Enforcement of IP Rights
  • Exhaustion of IP Rights and Cross-Border Trade

Learning Outcome

  • Distinguish the basic concepts, issues and rules of international IP
  • Interpret relevant international IP treaties and FTAs
  • Appraise considerations when assessing relevant common cross-border IP issues
  • Evaluate business implications of global IP issues
  • Evaluate global IP issues regionally and internationally to identify their relevance
  • Assess potential issues to identify business implications to organisations
  • Propose solutions to legal problems arising in factual contexts by applying relevant legal principles
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