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Legal Writing and IT Essentials

Legal Writing and IT Essentials (LAW203)


LAW203 Legal Writing and IT Essentials introduces students to the art of writing, and in particular the art of legal writing, i.e. the use of legal cases in support of a legal submission. This is not a course on drafting legal documents, but rather the use of language as a lawyer in analysing and presenting legal positions with proper legal support. Students are also introduced to the nuts and bolts of legal research, using both hardcopy and online resources such as LawNet, LexisNexis etc

Level: 2
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Introduction to writing in general
  • Writing arguments
  • Elements of a legal argument
  • Writing legal arguments
  • Good practices in writing legal arguments
  • Introduction to legal research
  • Identifying the issue
  • Basic legal texts
  • Online resources
  • Introduction to eLitigation
  • Introduction to LawNet
  • Hands on training on LawNet

Learning Outcome

  • Explain the sources of law, and how it is made and developed; of the institutions within which that law is administered and the personnel who practice law
  • Express their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of key legal concepts, values, principles and rules of the law and to explain the relationship between them in a number of subject areas
  • Demonstrate the ability to use resource material to construct legal arguments.
  • Respond to a given fact pattern, identifying accurately the issues which require researching, identify and retrieve up-to-date legal information from all legal sources relevant to the topic under study
  • Research and analyse independently the areas of law from standard legal resources on specific matters
  • Advise a hypothetical client, using intellectual and practical skills to apply the knowledge, thought and findings of research to provide arguable conclusions for concrete problems
  • Discuss positions taken in a group setting and in a team environment
  • Express ideas, concepts and arguments in the English language and legal terminology with care and accuracy
  • Employ information technology in an office environment for the search for information, the preparation of documents and presentations
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