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Urban Logistics

Urban Logistics (LOG361)


Rapid urbanisation in recent decades has led to considerable increase in freight movements in urban areas. Urban logistics focuses on the efficient and effective transport of urban freight while taking into account the negative effects on the economy, environment and society. This course aims to address the components involved in city logistics and the strategies used to mitigate its externalities. The effect of the main trends in urban logistics such as the growth in e-commerce, the sharing economy, and sustainability, will be discussed. Students will become familiar with the basis for modelling and forecasting urban freight as well as the key decision support tools in urban logistics.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Urban logistics overview
  • Urban logistics problems
  • Improvement initiatives in urban logistics
  • Urban distribution systems
  • Managing e-commerce
  • Last mile delivery methods
  • Freight data and surveying methods
  • Modelling and forecasting urban freight
  • Decision support tools in urban logistics
  • Sustainability in urban logistics
  • Future of urban logistics
  • Best practices in managing urban logistics

Learning Outcome

  • Show the main components of urban logistics and its externalities.
  • Propose solutions to cope with urban logistics and urban freight externalities.
  • Examine various technologies and systems involved in e-commerce logistics.
  • Employ techniques for collecting freight data, modelling and forecasting urban freight.
  • Recommend appropriate decision support tools to urban logistics and urban freight stakeholders.
  • Appraise the best practices in urban logistics.
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