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Digital Twin for Supply Chains

Digital Twin for Supply Chains (LOG365)


A digital twin is a virtual model of a process, product or service. Imagine a digital twin as the bridge that links the physical and digital world. LOG365 Digital Twin for Supply Chains equips students with the knowledge and digital skills to develop and apply digital twins to solve supply chain problems before they occur, minimise downtime and plan for the future. The course covers concepts, inputs and outputs, and techniques to set up the digital twin to mimic real-world situations as best as possible. We look at digital twin applications in areas that include warehouse, manufacturing and services, and port terminal operations in the supply chain. Lessons learned from the virtual world can be applied to the physical world to transform the supply chain.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Digital Twin Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Digital Models
  • Building Basic Digital Models
  • Input and Output Analysis
  • Warehouse Digital Model: Inbound Operations
  • Warehouse Digital Model: Outbound Operations
  • Manufacturing Digital Model
  • Service Operations Digital Model
  • AGV Digital Model
  • Port Operations Digital Model
  • Comparison of Alternatives
  • Managing a Digital Twin Project

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate the understanding of digital twin concept and applications in supply chains.
  • Analyse the inputs and outputs of digital models.
  • Examine various digital model scenarios and management of digital twin projects.
  • Construct a digital twin for warehouse operations.
  • Set up a digital twin for manufacturing and service operations.
  • Design a digital twin for port operations and automation.
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