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Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour (MKT351)


Students will have a broad-based foundation knowledge of consumer behaviour. This includes a detailed understanding of consumer behaviour in every stage of consumer decision making process, and its management implications. Second, student will also understand the individual and environmental factors that affect consumer buying and how they can assist companies to be more effective in their customer recruitment activities.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer Motivation
  • Consumer Personality
  • Consumer Perception
  • Consumer Learning
  • Consumer Attitude Formation and Change
  • Persuasive Communications
  • Family, Social Class, and Consumer Behavior
  • Culture and Consumer Behaviour
  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Decision Making Process
  • Diffusion and Consumer Adoption of Innovations

Learning Outcome

  • Analyze individual psychological factors and processes that affect consumer purchase behaviour.
  • Examine the impacts of family, society, and culture on consumer purchase behaviour
  • Discuss how innovations are diffused and adopted by consumers
  • Construct a model of consumer decision making
  • Develop critical thinking through the analyses of consumer behaviors in the market and society
  • Formulate effective marketing strategies based on consumer behaviour knowledge.
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