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Services Marketing

Services Marketing (MKT363)


In traditional goods marketing, students learn the 4 Ps of marketing, namely product, price, place and promotions. The unique characteristics of services marketing require another 4 additional Ps, namely people, processes, physical environment, and productivity and quality. Students will learn how service marketers can make use of all 8 Ps to position their services. In addition, students will understand how to manage and build loyalty, and have an effective service recovery and customer feedback system in place.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Consumer Behaviour in a Services Context
  • Developing Service Products
  • Distributing Service through Physical and Electronic Channels
  • Setting Prices and Implementing Revenue Management
  • Promoting Services and Educating Customers
  • Designing and Managing Service Processes
  • Balancing Demand against Productive Capacity
  • Crafting the Service Environment
  • Managing People for Service Advantage
  • Managing Relationships and Building Loyalty
  • Complaint Handling and Service Recovery
  • The GAP Model

Learning Outcome

  • Distinguish service products, consumers and markets.
  • Develop an understanding of the 4 Ps necessary for delivering service excellence.
  • Discuss the importance of customer loyalty and retention, service recovery, customer relationship development and the role of internal marketing.
  • Examine profitable service strategies.
  • Organise the customer interface.
  • Differentiate service quality management as the basis for developing customer satisfaction, and develop skills in service quality measurement for continuous improvement.
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