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Social Marketing

Social Marketing (MKT367)


Social marketing uses commercial marketing concepts and techniques to influence the behaviour of a specific target audience with the intent of achieving positive societal impact. MKT367 Social Marketing incorporates a combination of in-class activities, discussions, and field observations, allowing students to learn how to apply appropriate social marketing concepts, tools and strategies to adequately address different social issues.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Concept of social marketing; Differences between commercial marketing and social marketing.
  • The strategic marketing planning process; Defining social issues and conducting situation
  • Selecting target markets; setting goals and objectives.
  • Identifying barriers, benefits, competition and influential others; crafting a desired positioning.
  • Practicum component – Preparing a social marketing plan
  • Practicum component – Presenting a social marketing plan
  • Creating a product platform.
  • Determining monetary and nonmonetary incentives and disincentives.
  • Place: Making access convenient and pleasant
  • Promotion: Deciding on social marketing messages, creative strategies, and specific
  • Practicum component – Executing the social marketing project.
  • Practicum component – Reflection on the learning experience.

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate understanding of the concept of social marketing
  • Recognise social issues
  • Formulate an appropriate positioning strategy to appeal to a specific group of target
  • Compose suitable product, price, place, and promotion social marketing strategies
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct situational analyses for social issues
  • Implement social marketing projects
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