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Strategic Content Management

Strategic Content Management (MKT373)


Content marketing has become a widely practised new normal for businesses in the past decade. However, content marketing is beyond attracting customers with quality content at each stage of the customer journey. Content marketing has evolved as a systematic management process. This course MKT373 Strategic Content Management offers deep insights into content marketing aspects such as core content strategy, content substance, content structure, content workflow, content governance, and other relevant aspects. In this course, students will gain competence in content management for commercial as well as and personal brands. Students will also gain hands-on skills in crafting original and curated content in various contexts and platforms in the local and international markets.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • The history and evolution of content marketing
  • Audience analysis and Consumer-content fit
  • Content strategy and content vision
  • Managing content types and channels
  • Design effective content for businesses
  • Design impactful content for influencers
  • Content structure and modelling
  • Content metrics and analytics
  • Content audit and governance
  • Localising content
  • Content tools and technologies
  • Get prepared for a content strategist career

Learning Outcome

  • Compose content strategy based on the understanding of consumer-content fit.
  • Design content substance for companies and influencers.
  • Implement content modelling, audit, and governance.
  • Operate content analytics and content technologies.
  • Appraise various content topics.
  • Prepare multimedia content for different business contexts.
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