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Social Media Marketing in Practice

Social Media Marketing in Practice (MKT555)


The objective of MKT555 Social Media Marketing in Practice is to equip students with the practical skills of implementing a social media ecosystem. Specifically, students will acquire hands-on skills such as designing a website and a YouTube channel, creating an ad on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, learn how to target and re-target their audiences, and synthesize these platforms to form an integrated system. As the course is conducted in workshop style, students will be required to bring their laptops to have a hands-on experience. Along the 3-week course, students are also encouraged to complete the Social Media Certificate course provided by HubSpot Academy to complement the in-class experience. Upon completing this course, the students will have a deeper understanding on the benefits of social media marketing and possess the practical skills to set up a basic social media ecosystem for businesses.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Designing a relevant website and a YouTube channel
  • Understanding Facebook and Instagram, and advertising on these platforms
  • Understanding LinkedIn and advertising on this platform
  • Preparation of Social Media Certification Course on HubSpot Academy
  • Constructing a working social media ecosystem

Learning Outcome

  • Critique the relevance of social media marketing
  • Assess how different social media platforms can be used to enhance marketing effectiveness.
  • Evaluate the usefulness of integrating commonly used social media platforms
  • Design effective advertisements across different social media platforms.
  • Appraise the components of a social media ecosystem.
  • Construct a working social media system for different business environments.
  • Appraise how commonly used social media platforms can benefit businesses.
  • Create micro-targeted advertisements on commonly used social media platforms.
  • Construct a basic social media ecosystem.
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