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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing (MKT558)


Nowadays, influencers have a major impact on consumers’ decision making. As a marketer, you may need to know how to formulate an influencer strategy and work with the right influencer. Even further, you may embark an entrepreneurial journey of building your own social media account and become a key opinion leader (KOL) and potential millionaire yourself. MKT558 Influencer Marketing is designed to uncover the magic formula of surviving and succeeding in the “influencer ecosystem” during the 3-week course. Not only will the course cover in-depth theories on social influence to provoke the students’ academic thinking, but also it prepares the students with practical skills to solve real-world problems such as how to grow follower base and increase the engagement. The course follows a seminar-practical format that students are advised to bring their laptops to have a hands-on experience. By completing this course, the students will be equipped with vision to detect the right influencers on various social media platforms and entrepreneurial mindset to exert proper personal influence as a KOL.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Social influence theories: WOM and communication effectiveness
  • The evolvement of media and influencers
  • How to create an influencer strategy and identify the right influencer?
  • How to track and review an influencer campaign?
  • How to become an impactful influencer and build sustainable personal brand?
  • The challenge and future of influencer marketing

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the social influence theories and the importance of influencer marketing
  • Evaluate the different types of media and influencers
  • Formulate influencer strategy on different social networking platforms
  • Analyse an influencer account and ROI of influencer marketing activities
  • Apply the personal branding knowledge to grow impact on social media
  • Explore the possible challenges faced by influencer marketing
  • Analyse the consumer engagement level with tools such as Audience Quality Analysis,Like-Follower Ratio, Follower/Following Ratio etc
  • Formulate influencer marketing strategic plan
  • Develop follower base and grow follower engagement
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