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Corporate Governance and Sustainability 公司治理与可持续发展

Corporate Governance and Sustainability 公司治理与可持续发展 (MSM512)

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Course Types: Modular Graduate Course

Language: Chinese

Duration: 6 months

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Area of Interest: Business Administration

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School/Department: School of Business


This course presents the concepts and fundamentals of corporate governance which deals with how corporations are directed and controlled. This area rose to prominence in the light of major financial scandals in the USA and recent cases in other countries. Many countries around the world (including Singapore) have issued Codes of Corporate Governance. The Code of Corporate Governance 2018 of Singapore notes that the role of Board includes the assessment and management of risk and also mandates the Board to consider sustainability issues as part of its strategic formulation. The course provides students an opportunity to explore corporate social responsibility and its importance to corporations today. 本课程介绍了公司治理的概念和基础知识,其中涉及如何公司是被指引和控制的。鉴于美国主要金融机构的丑闻和其他国家最近的案件,对这一领域的学习变得十分重要。 世界上许多国家(包括新加坡)都颁布了公司治理准则。新加坡 2018 年公司治理准则指出,董事会的职责包括评估和管理风险,并要求董事会将可持续性问题作为其战略制定的一部分。该课程为学生提供了探索企业社会责任及其对当今企业的重要性的机会。 This course also examines the core concepts, strategies and practices of sustainable businesses, and their applications in business decision-making towards sustainability management. The concept of sustainability will be addressed from the perspectives of various business disciplines including organisational behavior, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, operations, strategy and ethics. This course assesses the typology and practices of sustainability in businesses and to develop leadership skills to make optimal and strategic business decisions to promote sustainable growth. 本课程也探讨企业可持续发展的核心概念、战略和实践,以及它们在可持续发展管理业务决策中的应用。可持续发展的概念将从各种商业学科的角度来解决,包括组织行为、会计、金融、市场营销、经济学、运营、战略和道德。本课程评估企业可持续性的类型和实践,并培养领导技能,以做出最佳和战略性的业务决策,以促进可持续增长。

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Corporate Governance 公司治理
  • The Role of the Boards 董事会的角色
  • Institutional Elements of Governance 治理的制度要素
  • Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 新加坡公司治理守则
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 企业社会责任(CSR)
  • Contemporary Issues in CSR and Business Ethics 企业社会责任和商业道德的当代问题
  • Sustainability and Leadership in Organisations 组织中的可持续性和领导力
  • Sustainability Management System 可持续发展管理体系
  • Operational, Regulatory and Reputational Risk 运营、监管和声誉风险
  • Maturity Matrices of Sustainability 可持续性的成熟度矩阵
  • Measuring and Reporting Sustainability in Businesses 衡量和报告企业的可持续性
  • Leading for Sustainability 引领可持续发展

Learning Outcome

  • Assess the principles of corporate governance and compliance in organisations 评估组织 中的公司治理和合规原则。
  • Analyse the corporate governance structures adopted in Singapore, evaluate them against international guidelines and standards, and comply with Singapore's Code of Corporate Governance 分析新加坡采用的公司治理结构,根据国际准则和标准对其进行评估, 并遵守新加坡的公司治理守则。
  • Evaluate corporate and business ethics issues, and the role of corporate social responsibility in business 评估企业和商业道德问题,以及企业社会责任在企业中的作用。
  • Appraise the concepts and typology of sustainability in the organisational context, and the sustainability maturity of multiple value chains 评估组织背景下可持续性的概念和类型, 以及多个价值链的可持续性成熟度。
  • Formulate business strategies to promote sustainable growth 制定业务策略以促进可持续增长。
  • Estimate the quantitative measures of performance to drive long term sustainability results, and propose the best practices in sustainability management 评估绩效的量化指标以推动 长期可持续发展结果,并提出可持续发展管理的最佳实践。
  • Improve critical and analytical thinking and spoken proficiency 提高批判性和分析性思维以及口语能力。
  • Prepare a report with developed written proficiency 准备一份展现熟练书面表达能力的报告。
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