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Service Innovation and Excellence 服务创新与卓越

Service Innovation and Excellence 服务创新与卓越 (MSM513)

Applications Open: 01 May 2024

Applications Close: 15 June 2024

Next Available Intake: July 2024

Course Types: Modular Graduate Course

Language: Chinese

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $2200 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Business Administration

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: School of Business


In an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment, organisations need to focus on leadership, innovation, customer experience and service excellence to gain a competitive advantage. This course examines best practices in business leadership, innovation, service management and customer experience design. It helps students develop the transformational mind-set and leadership skills needed to succeed in the changing market landscape. Students will learn about the environmental changes that led to an experience-based value model which demands that leaders have a strong background in customer experience, value co-creation, and change management to ensure that they are well prepared for the future and ready to maximise organisational resilience and continuous innovation. 在日益动荡、不确定、复杂和模糊的商业环境中,组织需要专注于领导力、创新、客户体验和卓越服务,以获得竞争优势。本课程考察商业领导力、创新、服务管理和客户体验设计方面的最佳实践。它帮助学生培养在不断变化的市场环境中取得成功所需的变革性思维模式和领导技能。学生将了解基于经验的价值模型产生的环境变化,该模型要求领导者在客户体验、价值共创和变革管理方面具有深厚的背景,以确保他们为未来做好充分准备并准备好最大限度地发挥组织弹性和持续创新。 Companies create compelling customer experiences to gain sustainable competitive advantage. Customer experience management offers an innovative approach to assess, create and evaluate organisational-wide processes related to customer experiences. This course examines the concepts and strategies of customer experience management. Students will learn how to craft a customer experience vision blueprint, build a customer centric culture, conduct customer experience research, customise a journey mapping canvas, measure customer experiences, and build impactful business case for an organization's customer experience initiatives through storytelling. Using real-world companies and case studies, this course presents a hands-on approach to initiate and manage endto- end customer experience improvement projects. 公司通过创造卓越的客户体验以获得持续的竞争优势。客户体验管理提供了一种创新方法来评估、创建和评估与客户体验相关的组织范围内的流程。本课程探讨客户体验管理的概念和策略。学生将学习如何制定客户体验愿景蓝图,建立以客户为中心的文化,进行客户体验研究,定制旅程地图画布,衡量客户体验,并通过讲故事为组织的客户体验计划构建有影响力的商业案例。本课程使用真实世界的公司和案例研究,展示了一种启动和管理端到端客户体验改善项目的实践方法。

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Customer Experience Foundations 客户体验基础
  • Develop a Customer Service Blueprint 制定客户服务蓝图
  • Customise a Customer Journey Mapping Canvas 自定义客户旅程映射画布
  • Analyse Customer Experiences 分析客户体验
  • Storytell the Customer Experience 讲述客户体验
  • Evaluate Customer Experience Software and Tools 评估客户体验软件和工具
  • Value Creation in Service 服务价值创造
  • Principles of Service Innovation 服务创新原则
  • Service Design Thinking 服务设计思维
  • Crafting a Service Innovation Culture 打造服务创新文化
  • Service Interaction in a Digital World 数字世界中的服务交互
  • Build a Customer-Centric Culture 建立以客户为中心的文化

Learning Outcome

  • Construct a service blueprint and customer journey map to optimise customer experiences 构建服务蓝图和客户旅程图,优化客户体验。
  • Design customer acquisition strategies and customer retention strategies 设计客户获取策 略和客户保留策略。
  • Formulate metrics and analytics to measure customer experience and appraise customer experience management strategies 制定指标和分析来衡量客户体验并评估客户体验管 理策略。
  • Appraise the key elements of value co-creation and understand the importance of the service ecosystem 评估价值共创的关键要素,理解服务生态系统的重要性。
  • Prioritise the importance of service design thinking principles, processes, methods and tools 优先考虑服务设计思维原则、过程、方法和工具的重要性。
  • Propose elements of a service innovation culture and ideas from multiple perspectives with differing assumptions, contents and methods 以不同的假设、内容和方法,从多角度提 出服务创新文化和理念的要素。
  • Develop analytical skills and expertise in using customer experience software and tools 培 养使用客户体验软件和工具的分析技能和专业知识。
  • Examine and recommend blended approaches as well as emerging and advanced technologies to enhance service interaction across sectors 检查并推荐混合方法以及新兴 和先进的技术,以加强跨部门的服务互动。
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