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Developing Leadership for Companies of the Future 培养未来公司的领导力

Developing Leadership for Companies of the Future 培养未来公司的领导力 (MSM516)

Applications Open: 01 May 2024

Applications Close: 15 June 2024

Next Available Intake: July 2024

Course Types: Modular Graduate Course

Language: Chinese

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $2200 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Business Administration

Schemes: To be confirmed

Funding: To be confirmed

School/Department: School of Business


Leadership is a learnt skill. Leaders need to constantly evolve in today’s turbulent times and align themselves with the purpose of the organisation. Leaders must be able to create a cohesive and integrated leadership team, engage and connect with team members, build trust-based relationships, and drive change throughout the organisation. This course examines the foundations and applications of everyday leadership. Students will learn how to design, manage, and lead companies in a futureforward manner. As students appraise the principles and frameworks from this course, they will be better equipped to effectively navigate the complex challenges that they face in their own organization. This course helps students discover new perspectives on how to foster innovation and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 领导力是一种后天习得的技能。 领导者需要在当今动荡的时代不断发展,并使自己与组织的宗旨保持一致。领导者必须能够创建一个有凝聚力 和整合的领导团队,与团队成员互动和联系,建立基于信任的关系,并推动整个组织的变革。本课程考察日常领导力的基础和应用。学生将学习如何以面向未来的方式设计、管理和领导公司。当学生评估本课程的原则和框架时,他们将更有能力有效地应对他们在自己的组织中面临的复杂挑战。本课程帮助学生发现关于如何促进创新和培养创业思维的新观点。 This course examines key leadership frameworks, theories, and practices in different types of businesses, including very small organisations (VSO), SMEs, fragmented organisations, incubator divisions, and MNCs. With a particular focus on Asia, students will learn about what “leadership is” and “what leaders do”, as well as the approaches, competencies, and skills required for effective high-performance leadership. In addition, students will be able to discover new ways to approach the changing world, navigate complex organisational systems, and act on the leadership challenges that matters most to them. 本课程考察不同类型企业的关键领导力框架、理论和实践,包括超小型组织 (VSO)、中小企业、分散组织、孵化器部门和跨国公司。学生将特别关注亚洲,了解什么是“ 领导力”和“领导者做什么”,以及有效的高绩效领导力所需的方法、能力和技能。 此外,学生将能够发现新的方法来应对不断变化的世界,驾驭复杂的组织系统,并应对对他们来说最重要的领导挑战。

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • What is Leadership? 什么是领导力?
  • Understanding the Leadership Journey 了解领导之旅
  • Strategic Leadership and Business Frameworks 战略领导和业务框架
  • Foundations of Everyday Leadership 日常领导的基础
  • Applications of Everyday Leadership 日常领导力的应用
  • Building Trust in Individuals, Groups, and Organisations 在个人、团体和组织中建立 信任
  • Leading VSOs, SMEs, and MNCs 领导微型企业、中小企业和跨国公司
  • Leading a Fragmented Business 领导分散的业务
  • Designing the Company of the Future 设计未来的公司
  • Managing the Company of the Future 管理未来的公司
  • Leading the Company of the Future 领导未来的公司
  • Becoming a Better Leader of the Future 成为未来更好的领导者

Learning Outcome

  • Appraise the requirements of an impactful leader, estimate resource and business tradeoffs, and construct the elements of trust 评估有影响力的领导者的要求,估计资源和业 务权衡,并构建信任要素。
  • Assemble risk management approaches in multi-site, multi-country businesses, and recommend multiple strategic frameworks to improve business decision making 在多站 点、多国家/地区的业务中整合风险管理方法,并推荐多种战略框架以改进业务决 策。
  • Prioritise impactful leadership and create an impactful team through coaching and leadership 优先考虑有影响力的领导力,并通过辅导和领导力打造一支有影响力的 团队。
  • Assess “head and heart” of everyday leadership and the priorities in negotiation, feedback and coaching, conflict management, and lead high impact changes 评估日常领 导的“头脑和心脏”以及谈判、反馈和指导、冲突管理中的优先事项,并领导高影 响力的变革。
  • Design structures, processes, and systems that can deal with the many complexities and challenges associated with organisational life 设计能够应对与组织生活相关的许多复 杂性和挑战的结构、流程和系统。
  • Create organisational change and recommend strategies and practices for leading in a future-forward manner 创造组织变革并推荐战略和实践,以实现面向未来的领导。
  • Formulate innovative and entrepreneu
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