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Strategic Planning & Change Management for Non-Profit Organisations

Strategic Planning & Change Management for Non-Profit Organisations (NPM511)


Strategic planning continues to be the most common organisation development and change management activities undertaken in both non-profit and for profit organisations in the private sector. Expectations of non-profits have grown for better measures of financial transparency, integrity, and increased collaboration among key stakeholders in an environment is a business norm given the wide use of social media and new technologies that have disrupted the management of non-profit organisations. Hence, this course will examine the basic principles and insights of strategic planning process to produce to produce a powerful strategic plans for non-profit organisation, specifically. It offers a conceptual framework and detailed process for strategic planning by non-profit organisations. Students will be required to critique and discuss the various planning models applied across the social service industries from a local perspectives taking into consideration the influence of national culture in the strategic planning process. The course will also explore the factors affecting the smooth implementation of the strategic plan, the types of effective leadership required for non-profit organisation and the anticipated challenges in managing the change process as a result of strategic plan.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Concepts of Strategic planning
  • Strategic planning framework
  • Planning process
  • Getting Started
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Organisation Capacity
  • Leadership in non-profit environment
  • Making it happen
  • Managing Challenges
  • Managing Disruptions in the social service context/sector

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss basic concepts associated with strategy and planning in relation to the social sector.
  • Distinguish underpinning factors such as organisation culture, social values, principles, models and ethics required for effective planning strategies in non-profit organisations.
  • Analyse relevant concepts to deepen and enhanced understanding of the strategic planning processes.
  • Critique assumptions about effective leadership and its implications for practice in non-profit organisational setting.
  • Examine planning concepts and create tools for developing powerful strategic plan in social service sector/context.
  • Compare and contrast the effectiveness of change intervention strategies.
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