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Selection and Assessment

Selection and Assessment (PSY511)


PSY511 Selection and Assessment aims to introduce students to the field and practice of assessments for selection in the workplace. This module will provide an understanding of a breadth of assessment methods, with emphasis placed on the application and professional use of these methods in practice. This includes conducting a job analysis and competency profiling, the various stages of a selection process, and understanding the trade-offs in designing a selection process. Completion of this module will also qualify students for the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) Level A and B certificate in occupational test use.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January
E-Learning: BLENDED - Learning is done MAINLY online using interactive study materials in Canvas. Students receive guidance and support from online instructors via discussion forums and emails. This is supplemented with SOME face-to-face sessions. If the course has an exam component, this will be administered on-campus.


  • Job analysis and competency profiling
  • The recruitment and selection process
  • Measurement and reliability
  • Key validity concepts
  • EFPA Level A
  • EFPA Level B
  • Application form and biodata
  • Cognitive ability tests
  • Personality tests
  • Selection interviews
  • SJTs and simulation tests
  • The future of assessments

Learning Outcome

  • Evaluate a range of common selection measures and practices used by organisations
  • Understand and examine psychometric properties of selection measures
  • Discuss the impact of technology on selection and assessment
  • Design and conduct a suitable recruitment campaign
  • Design and conduct a job analysis
  • Design a robust selection process and combine assessment data to make selection decisions
  • Competently use and work with psychometric assessments
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