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Contemporary Issues in Societies from a Multidisciplinary Social Science Perspective

Contemporary Issues in Societies from a Multidisciplinary Social Science Perspective (RSS553)


The RSS553 advanced seminar course will focus on 6 to 8 specialized topics. The course isdesigned to impart in-depth knowledge and understanding of the chosen specialized topics, toenable students to proficiently evaluate and interpret social science research and societalphenomena in those areas. As contemporary social issues intersect multiple social sciencedisciplines (e.g., sociology, political science, and economics), this course will examine socialscience issues that are pertinent to modern-day societies from a multidisciplinary approach.The course will provide students with the research skills to develop innovative researchmethods or solutions that aim to solve evolving societal issues. The course also aims to trainstudents who are able to translate the existing research into applied projects that have impacton people. Topics chosen will vary from year to year, depending on the prevailing expertise ofthe full-time faculty at SUSS and the availability of guest speakers (who are academic expertsor industry practitioners).

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July
E-Learning: - Learning is done MAINLY online using interactive study materials in Canvas. Students receive guidance and support from online instructors via discussion forums and emails. This is supplemented with SOME face-to-face sessions. If the course has an exam component, this will be administered on-campus. To be confirmed


  • Current issues in developed societies
  • Ageing
  • Migration, acculturation and integration
  • Globalization, connectivity, and technology
  • Heath and healthcare policies in developed societies
  • Modernization and social transformation
  • Economic development and well-being
  • Social equality, social trust and governance
  • Social capital
  • Social mobility and inequality
  • Consumption and values
  • Media, culture and society

Learning Outcome

  • Examine the theories, concepts, and findings underlying current issues in social sciences
  • Assess the influence of sociocultural and economic factors for the chosen specialized topics
  • Evaluate the impact of policies on social and economic issues, and the challenges in policy implementation
  • Apply social science research to evaluate current social issues
  • Propose appropriate recommendations for evaluating and addressing social issues from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Design research projects relevant to real-world problems and recommend solutions to solve the problems
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