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Leading Supply Chains in the Digital Era

Leading Supply Chains in the Digital Era (SCM503)


Digitalisation has disrupted supply chain management in various ways, and organisations find it challenging to cope with these changes and design their supply chains. SCM503 Leading Supply Chains in the Digital Era focuses on the digital transformation of supply chains in different organisations. The course covers the impact of digitalisation on supply chain design, customer relationships, manufacturing, etc. Students will be equipped with the necessary know-how to identify possible opportunities that exist in their supply chains and lead the transformation process. In addition, students will learn different new technologies and their implications on supply chains – both economically and ethically.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JAN


  • Digital Transformation and Digital Supply Network
  • Re-imagining Supply Chain Strategy
  • Technology Trends in Supply Chain Management
  • Social and Business Trends Shaping Supply Chains
  • Next-Generation Demand Management
  • Synchronised Supply Chain Planning
  • Interacting with Customers
  • e-Commerce and Last-mile Deliveries
  • Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain 4.0
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Leading Digital Supply Chain Networks
  • Ethics and Governance for Digital Supply Chains

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse the transformation of supply chains due to digitalisation
  • Compare different digital trends affecting supply chain management
  • Appraise the developments of the e-commerce business
  • Formulate strategies for digital supply chains
  • Assess ethical considerations for digital supply chains
  • Improve demand management with digital tools
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