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Ageing and Society

Ageing and Society (SOC331)


Population ageing will be one of the primary social forces shaping our world in this century. SOC331 Ageing and Society aims to help students to gain a comprehensive understanding of ageing by adopting a sociological lens and integrating research from the fields of sociology, demography, economics, medical science, psychology, and public health. We will start with a careful examination of the demographic foundations of population aging, review the major perspectives, frameworks, and theories of ageing, then visit various aspects of ageing such as health, work, retirement, volunteering, family and social lives, and care.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY JULY


  • Introduction
  • Global ageing
  • Sociological perspectives and theories of ageing
  • The life course perspective
  • Gender, class, ethnicity and ageing
  • Family relationships
  • Work, retirement, and volunteering
  • Health and its social determinants
  • Caregiving in later life
  • Age-friendly societies
  • Hospice and end-of-life care
  • Elderly care and global care drain

Learning Outcome

  • Discuss the major concepts, frameworks, models, and theories of the sociology of ageing
  • Examine sources of diversity in the ageing experience
  • Analyse the impact of social forces on older people
  • Apply course content to personal and vocational experiences as well as issues related to ageing and society
  • Evaluate arguments and explanations on ageing
  • Demonstrate skills in sociological thinking and written and spoken expression
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