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Independent Study in Social Welfare

Independent Study in Social Welfare (SWK573)


Independent Study in Social Welfare is designed to enable the student to make an in-depth exploration on topic approved in consultation with the supervisor. The student should approach an instructor to work out an agreed topic, readings, and assignments for the course. Regular meetings and reports are expected. Evaluation is based on Continuous Assessment and the final report and approval from the Departmental Head is required. Independent study and research is important in developing advanced knowledge in a specialized field of social welfare such as in the writing for the Masters Thesis. Students will engage in independent reading and or research under faculty supervision.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: EVERY 2 YEARS


  • Comparative social policy and development
  • Cross national social work
  • Global social policy and social work
  • Specific target populations
  • Social Work Perspective on current crisis and on economic theory

Learning Outcome

  • Plan in-depth review of the literature related to the identified topic area.
  • Assess the issues surrounding the topic.
  • Discuss the values, principles and concepts to ethical professional practice.
  • Choose social work interventions that can be applicable.
  • Test the social work interventions.
  • Prepare a written report summarizing the results of their independent study.
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