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Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics (TLL304)


TLL304 demonstrates the pivotal role a language plays in human life. It focuses on the application and relationship between theory and practice. It also explains the theoretical and descriptive foundations necessary to understand language-related problems, especially those of language education such as first and second language teaching and learning. It also deals extensively with bilingualism, diglossia, codemix and codeswitch.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • பயனாக்க மொழியியல் அறிமுகம்
  • மொழி பழகுதலும் மொழி கற்பித்தலும்
  • பிழை ஆய்வு
  • சமுதாய மொழியியல்
  • கிளை மொழியியல்
  • அகராதியியல்
  • நடையியல்
  • இருமொழியம், பன்மொழியம்
  • மொழித் தக்கவைப்பும் மொழித் தாவலும்
  • கணினி மொழியியல்

Learning Outcome

  • Illustrate the nature of dialects, bilingualism, and diglossia. (B3)
  • Illustrate the various forms of dialectology. (B3)
  • Identify the differences between spoken and written Tamil in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. (B2)
  • Contrast examples of spoken and written languages. (B4)
  • Analyze the various features of social dialects and regional dialects of Tamil Nadu. (B4)
  • Examine concepts and theories from the study of language systems. (B4)
  • Construct models of how languages work; in particular, Tamil in terms of its phonology. (B5)
  • Indicate the main components of the Tamil language. (B3)
  • Illustrate how the different aspects of language components work. (B3)
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