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Independent TESOL Project

Independent TESOL Project (TSL599)


TSL599 Independent TESOL Project offers students the opportunity to build on TSL508 TESOL Methods and TSL509 TESOL Curriculum by carrying out a semester-long independent project that puts into practice knowledge and skills in designing and implementing a curriculum with appropriate teaching methods for an English language enrichment programme. The project site may be proposed by the student and must be approved by the Head of Programme. Students will be supervised individually for this project. The supervisor may be a faculty member or an associate to be recommended by the Head of Programme and appointed by the University. To complete the project, students are required to identify the English language learning needs of a specific group of learners, design a small-scale curriculum and select teaching methods that address the learners’ needs, conduct lessons or coaching sessions, and reflect on the insights gained from the application of TESOL methods and curriculum principles.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 10
Presentation Pattern: EVERY REGULAR SEMESTER


  • Identifying a project site and a target group of learners
  • Gathering learners’ data for a needs analysis
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Reporting the findings
  • Designing a curriculum based on the findings from the needs analysis
  • Selecting suitable teaching methods and materials
  • Planning English language lessons or coaching sessions
  • Understanding and practising classroom discourse
  • Conducting English language lessons or coaching sessions
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of chosen methods and materials
  • Revising and improving the curriculum
  • Reflecting on one’s own professional practices to make improvements

Learning Outcome

  • Assess the learning needs of a specific group of English language learners for specific areas of language.
  • Select teaching methods and materials appropriate for different types and needs of learners.
  • Evaluate current language teaching methodology and curriculum principles.
  • Design a curriculum for an English language enrichment programme intended for a specific group of learners.
  • Plan and conduct English language lessons or coaching sessions according to the proposed curriculum.
  • Choose appropriate TESOL methods and curriculum principles for application to one’s own teaching practices.
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