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Sustainable Development and Transport Planning

Sustainable Development and Transport Planning (UTM521)

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Language: English

Duration: 6 months

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Area of Interest: Business Administration

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School/Department: School of Business


A city is a complex system comprising the physical arrangements of housing, industry, commerce and public institutions linked by transport facilities as well as the people and the economic system to which they belong. It is the planner’s function to comprehend this intricate web of relationships and to guide their sustainable development. Sustainable Development and Transport Planning provides students with an understanding of the principles of urban and transport planning. It examines the theories underlying urban development and its relationship with transport. Students will be equipped with the skills to develop urban and transport plans, and to critically assess proposals for new developments in the light of key planning objectives.

Level: 5
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every July


  • Actors, processes and institutions
  • Sustainability assessment: tools & techniques
  • Energy resources, conservation and efficiency
  • Mobility and transport in a sustainable strategy
  • The trade-off: Economic development and the quality of life
  • Planning for road and public transport networks
  • Traffic and environmental impact assessment
  • Transport modelling software

Learning Outcome

  • Analyse the issues and concepts in sustainable development
  • Distinguish the key stakeholders involved in promoting sustainable development
  • Compare the different approaches to sustainable energy usage
  • Formulate a strategy to promote sustainable mobility
  • Examine the impact of the 3 Rs approach to environmental management
  • Collect data to study the interaction between transport and land use
  • Compare the various approaches to transport demand analysis
  • Compose urban and transport plans to achieve key planning goals
  • Inspect integrated land use and the transport planning process
  • Plan a traffic and environmental impact assessment study
  • Debate the trade-offs between urban/economic development and the quality of life
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