SUSS Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Business



Key Highlights

  • Learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and understand how different types of data and AI solutions could improve business value.
  • Stackable to the Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business (GDAIB) and selected Master’s programmes


Programme Overview

Many industries across the globe are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase business value, optimise operations, improve overall revenue, and utilise the workforce more efficiently. Despite the opportunities brought by AI, a trusted ecosystem is crucial to adopting AI technologies in a balanced approach that facilitates AI innovation and safeguards consumer interests. The skills and knowledge required to take AI applications and innovations to transform business, and ensure inclusive and equitable benefits and mitigation of risks are evolving and becoming more interdisciplinary. To effectively take advantage of AI and overcome the difficulties posed by its application, business leaders must develop a p ractical understanding of AI. 

The Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Business takes the “X + AI” approach. It equips business professionals from different industry sectors and non-IT functions with relevant AI knowledge and skills to apply and use AI in their respective job roles. The curriculum was designed around real business opportunities and challenges that can be solved through AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Students will examine the current state of important AI technologies and how they may be utilized to support their business needs through an engaging mix of introduction to key technology, business insights and case studies. Graduates will harness the power of AI to enable their organisations to deliver more relevant, personalised, and innovative products and services.



Programme Structure

Each course in the GCAIB programme is 5 credit units (cu) unless stated otherwise, and can be taken on a stand-alone basis. Upon successful completion of 15 cu of coursework, these courses can be stacked to a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Business.

Students have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in their coursework as part of the fulfilment of the graduate certificate programme.

Compulsory Courses (15 cu)

  • AIB501 Introduction to AI (2.5cu)
  • AIB502 Ethics of AI (2.5cu)
  • AIB503 Foundation to Python for AI
  • AIB504 MachineLearning in Business


This is a programme with evening (weekdays) and morning/afternoon (weekend) classes. The minimum programme duration is 6 months.

Find out more about the admission eligibility criteria and tuition fee.



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