SUSS Graduate Certificate in Experience Design



Key Highlights

  • Learning by doing, thinking, and making with the support of industry practitioners and SUSS faculty.
  • The design courses balance theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling the student with the capacity and confidence to tackle complex business problems and social challenges.
  • The graduate seminar course provides the theoretical knowledge that explains and connects the role and value of design(er) in business and society.


Programme Overview

Experience design is a discipline and practice that puts people at the heart of design decisions when shaping and creating solutions that deliver value. Using design principles, methods, tools, and practices as the enablers and prior disciplinary knowledge from business, technology, and social sciences to name a few, students get to tackle complex business and wicked social challenges in the VUCA world and build a career in ‘experience design’ focusing on design offerings such as information products, digital products, services, events, and processes that are useful, usable, and desirable.

This Graduate Certificate in Experience Design (GCXD) caters to the emerging industrial need for experience makers. Working professionals who wish to acquire and deepen their theoretical understanding and practical capabilities in the contemporary practices of experience design would benefit from this programme.

Note: GCXD only covers core courses and one (1) elective course. Applicants may wish to consider the Graduate Diploma in Experience Design (GDXD) programme for the complete offering of experience design courses and the applied project.



Programme Structure

GCXD is a 15-credit units (cu) programme comprising three (3) core courses and one (1) elective course. The first two core courses in the GCXD programme are 2.5 credit units (cu), while the third core course and the additional elective course are both 5 cu. All courses can be taken on a stand-alone basis. Upon successful completion of 15 cu of coursework, these courses can be stacked to a Graduate Certificate in Experience Design (GCXD).

Students have to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in their coursework as part of the fulfilment of the graduate certificate programme.

Compulsory Courses (15 cu)

Core Courses (10cu)

1 Elective Course (5 cu)


This is a programme with evening (weekdays) and morning/afternoon (weekend) classes. The minimum programme duration is 6 months.

Find out more about the admission eligibility criteria and tuition fee.



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