(SCTP) Certificate in Healthcare Administration

A 3-month programme empowering you to take on a new job role with current or a new employer in the Healthcare sector.

What is it?

SUSS’s SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) Certificate in Healthcare Administration, a 3-month certificate programme, supporting individuals in acquiring industry-relevant skills to improve employability in the Healthcare sector. This train-and-place programme is available on a part-time format with employment facilitation services incorporated. The programme will span three months with curriculum built around competencies that the learners can put into practice during the programme. The curriculum will consist of 10-day workshop (80 hours in total), equipping you with skills, tools and techniques relevant in launching a successful career in the healthcare sector. 


Who is it for?

Individuals must meet all the requirements below in order to be eligible to apply for the programme:

  • Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or LTVP+ holder
  • At least 21 years old
  • Self-sponsored learners (either unemployed or in-employment individuals)



    How will I benefit?

    You will:

      • Glean practical insights on Singapore's healthcare landscape and sector.
      • Receive fundamental training in care givers and mental health, population health, healthcare financing and project management as well as emerging healthcare trends.
      • Update or refresh skill set to access new opportunities in the healthcare sector.



      How do I apply?

      There are 2 admission intakes a year – February & July - for this programme. Applications received by 15 January and 15 June will be considered for admission to the February & July intake, respectively:


      1. REGISTER: Complete the SCTP Application Form online.
      2. INTERVIEW: We will invite you for a short interview to discover and understand your unique needs.
      3. PAYMENT: Once you are shortlisted, you can make payment. We will help you secure funding to offset the programme's full fees.
      4. LEARNING: Facilitated learning, career advisory and/or employment facilitation*.
      5. SCTP GROWTH NETWORK: After completing the programme, you become part of the exclusive SCTP Growth Network.

        * SUSS will aid career advisory and connect SCTP participants to government agencies and its relevant employers in their search for relevant jobs. However, SUSS cannot guarantee job placements at the end of the programme even though SUSS will make an effort to support participants in their job search.



        Fee Structure

        The Programme Full Fee  is $ 6,500.00 (before GST). The SCTP courses are kept affordable through these SkillsFuture course fee funding:

        • Baseline subsidy of up to 70% of course fees
        • Enhanced funding subsidy of up to 90% of course fees for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years old and above under  SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
        • Additional course fee funding support of up to 95% of course fees for jobseekers with greater needs. Individuals must be Singapore Citizens and meet one of following eligibility criteria:
          • Long-term unemployed individuals (unemployed for six months or more); or
          • Individuals in need of financial assistance – ComCare, Short-to-Medium Term Assistance (SMTA) recipients or Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) recipients; or
          • Persons with Disabilities

        Additionally, individuals can use their SkillsFuture Credit  (opening and top-up) and Additional SkillsFuture Credit (Mid-Career Support) to offset the out-of-pocket course fees for SCTP.

        Participant ProfileNett Fee (before GST)
        Singapore Citizen < 40 years old
        Permanent Resident
        (Individuals must be at least 21 years old)
        $ 1,950.00
        Singapore Citizen ≥ 40 years old$ 650.00
        Singapore Citizen who meet the additional funding support criteria$325.00






        SCH101 Overview of Singapore Healthcare Landscape

        31-May-24, 9am to 5pm

        16-Jul-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH102 Healthcare Capacity and Healthcare Professionals

        17-Jul-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH103 SG Vision and Healthcare Financing

        30-Jul-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH104 Emerging Healthcare Trends

        31-Jul-24, 9am to 5pm


        SCH105 Care Givers and Mental Health

        8-Mar-24, 9am to 5pm

        22-Aug-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH106 Career Transition into Healthcare Sector

        7-Mar-24, 9am to 5pm

        15-Aug-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH107 Population Health

        15-Mar-24, 9am to 5pm

        29-Aug-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH108 Theory and Behaviour Norms in Healthcare

        22-Mar-24, 9am to 5pm

        10-Sep-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH109 Project Management in Healthcare

        30-Apr-24, 9am to 5pm

        11-Sep-24, 9am to 5pm

        SCH201 Healthcare System Applied Project 

        29-Apr-24, 9am to 5pm

        12-Sep-24, 9am to 5pm

        *Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to amend and/or revise the above schedule without prior notice.



        Programme Instructors and Mentors

        Dr Linus Chua

        Dr Linus Chua

        Family Physician Consultant
        National University Health System, Regional Health System Office, National University Polyclinics
        Dr Phang Riyang

        Dr Phang Riyang

        Head, Behavioral Science Center of Excellence
        Aboitiz Data Innovation
        Mr Lim Tien Yung

        Mr Lim Tien Yung

        Head, Commercial Office
        Parkway Laboratories
        Mr Tommy Tan

        Mr Tommy Tan

        Ms Irene Tan

        Ms Irene Tan

        Associate Faculty,
        Singapore University of Social Sciences
        Ms Laura Wong

        Ms Laura Wong

        Associate Faculty,
        Singapore University of Social Sciences
        Ms Khor Ling Ling

        Ms Khor Ling Ling

        Head of Human Resource, Regional Health System Office
        National University Health System
        Ms Susan Teo

        Ms Susan Teo

        Associate Faculty,
        Singapore University of Social Sciences


        If you have further questions regarding the SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme, you may refer to SkillsFuture Singapore's FAQ or contact us at +65 6248 0263 / ccpe-sctp@suss.edu.sg.



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