Welcome to SUSS

Congratulations on securing a place with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)!

It's great that you have made your move to SUSS (to be read as S-U-S-S instead of "suss") to pursue your higher education. As an SUSS freshman, I strongly encourage you to attend the upcoming Orientation that we have planned for you. To students who are pursuing your degree studies in the evening while holding a full time job, some of you may think that as a working adult, student orientation is not for you. Let me assure you that we recognise your unique circumstance and our emphasis during Orientation is to help you settle into being a student again as many may have laid off studies for some time to pursue your career.

Whether you are joining us fresh from School or as a working adult, it is important to attend the session where your Dean will be addressing all freshmen to share his vision of the School, the support available and expectations of students. Heads of Programme (HoPs) will cover some details on the study roadmap for your programme and share important pointers for a smoother learning journey. There will also be briefings and hands-on sessions on how to navigate important applications and portals that impact your learning, for example the online learning management system, Canvas - for discussions and assignments submission and Student Portal - for access to student information.

Lest you think that the SUSS focus is all about studies, it is not so. You can enrich your student life if you take time to acquire a holistic student experience as we do offer a wide range of student activities during the year. Find out more about these events during Orientation.

Get to know the faculty, support staff and your new course mates. Don't miss out on this chance to connect and engage with the University. Let SUSS help you make your mark on progress, right from the start of your learning journey.


Warmest regards,

Evelyn Chong
Office of Student and Alumni Relations



Orientation January 2020 - Welcome Message

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