Current Students

Make a Difference, Be a Student Volunteer!

We are recruiting fresh faces to join our pool of committed Student Volunteers.

If you are passionate about serving the community, love meeting new people and would like to contribute to the Student Events Team, we want you!

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How to be a Volunteer

Email the following details to by 31 July 2020:

  1. Reason(s) why you want to be a Volunteer
  2. Your skill sets (e.g. experience with organising food drives, has emcee experience, a keen photographer, etc.)
  3. Availability on some Saturdays (Yes/No)

Use your MyMail account and include your full name, PI number, contact number and your programme.

Do indicate the email subject as "Sign me up as a Student Volunteer!”

What our Volunteers say

“Being a student volunteer allows me to step out of my comfort zone. I have learned much from fellow schoolmates and the true happiness derived from helping others is priceless.” 
- Siow Pit Har, BA Translation and Interpretation

“I am a student volunteer because I found it enjoyable and meaningful to be able to help new students around. I remembered when I was new and wished I had known a senior then.”
- Siti Khatijah Binte Mohamad, Bachelor of Communication

“At SUSS, being a volunteer means pushing myself to excel at every aspect of my life, such as learning to do the best that I can at school, so that I will always have extra time to be there for those around me, or to help the ones in need. It has been an incredible journey thus far and I have made so many friends along the way, and I hope that I never stop growing as a person, because it’s about rising to the challenge of taking heart and becoming a character par excellence – and that’s simply precious. “
- Brigitte Wong Rui Zhi, BSc Psychology

“Volunteering at SUSS was a transformative experience not only for the students I have served but also for myself. Using only a short span of my time, I could think less about myself, step out from my comfort zone to help new students adapt to University life. This learning process helped build my character and generosity.”
- Lin Kaixun, Bachelor of Accountancy

Make a Difference, Be a Student Volunteer!

Email us now!

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