Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Programme

Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme

Ready to take your startup to the next level? Confident to attract funding for your business? It's time to learn more about the Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Programme Highlights

This Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship in partnership with Alibaba Cloud was launched in the July 2017 semester.

In order to attain the Certificate/Minor, students need to secure funding OR achieve S$250,000 annual revenue for their startups.

The programme includes:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing by Alibaba Cloud
  • Option to read any SUSS CET Courses1 that startups deem relevant
  • Alibaba Cloud Credits1
  • Mentorship by Alibaba Cloud, C-level industry experts and advisors
  • Recommendation to Enterprise Singapore for StartupSG Founder Grant1
  • Kickstart Fund1
  • No course fee2

1 Terms and Conditions apply.
2 However, there is a non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 (excluding GST).

Course Details

Interested to find out more about what you’ll learn in the Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme?

Curriculum Plan for Undergraduates who Enroll before July 2023 Semester


There is no course fee.

Registration fee to apply for this programme is $60.00 (excluding GST) for an e-application (payable online only) per person.

Registration fee is non-refundable.

Course Timeline

Intake 1Intake 2Intake 3
Application deadline6 Feb 20233 Apr 20232 Oct 2023
Announcement of shortlisted teams13 Feb 202310 Apr 20239 Oct 2023
Entry pitch for shortlisted teams24 Feb 202321 Apr 202320 Oct 2023
Announcement of teams accepted into the programme3 Mar 202328 Apr 202327 Oct 2023
Alibaba Cloud workshops on Cloud Computing, Big Data & AI (passing requirement)Cloud Computing - Mar 2023
Big Data & AI - Sep 2023
Demo Day (passing requirement)TBC

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply:

Any individual who has developed a working prototype or is running their own startup, including

  • Current full-time or part-time SUSS students from any cohort and any programme
  • Current students of other Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs)
  • Current Local Polytechnic students
  • Members of the public who fulfill CET admission eligibility criteria
  • Groups of students who are working for the same startup or business proposal may select a maximum of 3 members

In addition, please make sure that at least one team member is a

  • Singaporean or Permanent Resident (PR).


Assessment criteria for business proposal applications:

  • Uniqueness of business concept
  • Feasibility of the business model
  • Strength of management team
  • Potential market value
  • Working prototype
  • Social impact (preferred)


Assessment criteria to receive Certificate/Minor:

  1. Participation in the Cloud Computing Course by Alibaba Cloud
  2. Participation in the Demo Day organised by SUSS and Alibaba Cloud

* Individuals who want to attain the Certificate/Minor need to be part of the pitch for the Q&A

    3. Startups who have earned an annual revenue of SGD250,000 OR secured funding from any one of the following, with proof of funding submitted:

  • Venture Capitalist
  • Angel Investor
  • Incubator Programme
  • Accelerator Programme
  • Government Grants (includes Startup SG Founder Grant)





    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click here for the FAQ

    Startup SG Founder Grant

    Teams in the Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the Startup SG Founder Grant through SUSS. Speak to your account managers to find out more, or reach out to us at


    The Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme is supported by a variety of industry experts and startup advisors.



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