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Formerly known as the Gig Economy Series, the Gig Academy has been developed to help students discover self-employment as an alternative form of employment. It is a series of workshops by industry experts, covering topics in Freelancing, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Micro Influencing and more. With content sharing from brands including Google, Tiktok and Creatives at Work, the hands-on programme aims to help better prepare students for the future of work.

The programme also features Network-Gig, a networking platform designed to inspire students as they gain insights into the world of freelancing and have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded freelancers in various field.

Upon completion of the programme, students can join the Gig Community, where opportunities for gig work are shared, and students are encouraged to collaborate with peers to work on projects from actual clients, allowing them to further develop their portfolios. 


  • Learn from industry experts in various fields
  • Learn how to start earning from Day 1
  • Network with established freelancers and fellow peers

Gig Academy 2023

Our Trainers

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How Can I Obtain the Certificate?

This programme is open to all SUSS students. To be eligible for the certificate, you are required to:

  1. Attend all compulsory sessions provided in the programme catalogue
  2. Complete the assignment


Please note that the workshops will either be held over Zoom OR in SUSS, depending on the sessions.

Ready for Gig Academy?

All workshops are free of charge.


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