Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Programme

Startup SG Founder

The Startup SG Founder (SSGF) programme encourages and supports aspiring first-time entrepreneurs to start their own innovative businesses, by providing mentorship and financial support.

About the Grant


Through SSGF, first-time founders can access funding through a startup grant and mentorship from Accredited Mentor Partners (AMPs). This includes pitch training, networking opportunities with investors and corporates, secretarial and accounting support, and access to exclusive programmes.

Startups have to receive a Letter of Recommendation from AMPs to apply for the grant.

SUSS is an Accredited Mentor Partner of SSGF

Grant Details

  • Funding of up to $50,000
  • Startups are to commit with a co-matching fund of $20,000


  • Startups have to be enrolled into Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Minor in Entrepreneurship Programme
  • Startups must also meet the eligibility criteria for Startup SG Founder

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