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Venture Builder Programme

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The SUSS Venture Builder Programme is an immersive training programme designed to nurture and help the budding entrepreneur within you to launch a successful impact-driven venture. Throughout the programme, participants will undergo an intensive programme where they will learn essential skills needed to build their own business with confidence and success. 



To support you on your journey as a budding entrepreneur, the programme equips you with numerous entrepreneurship methodologies, frameworks and practices that will take you and your start-up to the next level.

You will be involved from customer interviews to product development and design. You are required to be heavily involved with developing a deep understanding and appreciation of customer problems and pain points, followed by the building of bootstrapped prototypes of the product/service.

The grit, determination and vision you bring to the table will be what is necessary to turn something from a mere idea into reality. You are expected to be highly resourceful to overcome challenges and seek guidance and help from the resources made available to you from and beyond this programme in order to ensure sustained progress and growth of both the product/service and the company.

Programme Features

  • An experienced Programme Lead together with in-residence serial entrepreneurs will provide guidance to support participants to successfully launch the company
  • Free access to the co-working office, at SUSS campus
  • Monthly stipend of SGD$1,500 is provided for the first 3 months
  • Access markets in ASEAN region and China
  • Complimentary mentoring services with subsequent support for eligible start-ups to apply for SUSS Start-up grant and/or SGD$50,000 government grant

Opportunity for Overseas Immersion Trip

The three-weeks overseas immersion programme is designed to provide students with an exceptional opportunity to deepen their understanding and knowledge of a specific country's market. Through this programme, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture, gain valuable insights into the country's business practices, and develop a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics.

During the programme, students will

  • Engage in various activities that facilitate hands-on learning and cultural exchange
  • Opportunity to interact with local industry experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals who will share their expertise and experiences
  • Gain practical knowledge and insights into the specific market they are exploring

*Travel subsidy up to $900 for SUSS Students

Application Process


Open to:

  • Social Service Agency
  • Sliver Generation (Aged 50 & Above)
  • CET Students
  • SUSS Full-time/Part-time
  • SUSS Alumni
*In addition, for Full-time Students applying for SUSS VB SG as E-WA must clear all Pre-WA requisites


  • Stipend of up to S$1,500 for first 3 months


  • A short description of the business idea (100 - 150 words)


SUSS will select each applicant based on:

  • Entrepreneurial potential – experience, passion, skillsets, etc
  • Potential and feasibility of the business idea
  • Highly resourceful with good networks
  • Intellectually nimble and an eye for collaborative possibilities
  • Able to tackle challenging situations with finesse and determination
  • Experience as an entrepreneur or in a startup will be an added advantage
  • Passionate to build and grow a business of their own
  • Able to contribute a business idea in any of the following domains: Early Childhood, Gerontology / Elderlies, Psychology / Mental Health, Education Technology, Fintech / Blockchain, E-commerce / Marketing, Social Services, SME Digital Transformation; will be an added advantage
Duration & Period of26 June to 15 September 2023


For more information, please email

NAK-SUSS Social Impact Grant

The Ngee Ann Kongsi - SUSS Social Impact Grant was established in 2022 to encourage and inspire entrepreneurial students to work on their startup ideas and promote social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in Gerontology (Geron-preneurship). 

There will be two applicant tracks for the Ngee Ann Kongsi - SUSS Social Impact Grant: 
1. Gerontology Track
2. Social Impact Track


Venture Builder Lead

The Venture Builder Lead is pivotal to the success of each team – offering close guidance and mentorship through weekly check-ins, ensuring that personal goals set are actively pursued and accounted for, all while pursuing the right path for building your company.

Amanda Ho

Amanda Ho

Lead (Venture Builder)
Student SUcceSS Centre, Office of Entrepreneurship

Email: QW1hbmRhaG9xeUBzdXNzLmVkdS5zZw==

Domain Experts

SUSS' Domain Experts comprise of industry practitioners and research faculty with deep knowledge and insights in the industry. They play an active role in providing guidance to our students and opening their connections in the focus areas of Early Childhood, Gerontology, Mental Health, Education Technology, Fintech or Blockchain, E-commerce, Social Services and SME Digital Transformation.
Professor David Lee Kuo Chen

Professor David Lee Kuo Chen

School of Business
A/P Ding Ding

A/P Ding Ding

Associate Professor
School of Business
Dr Carol Ma

Dr Carol Ma

Associate Professor
Lee Chye Seng

Lee Chye Seng

Learning Systems and Applications
Dr Emily Ortega

Dr Emily Ortega

Head, Psychology Programme
School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences
Dr Lau Kong Cheen

Dr Lau Kong Cheen

Senior Lecturer
School of Business
Cynthia Chang

Cynthia Chang

Office of Service-Learning & Community Engagement

Dr Kelvin Tan

Dr Kelvin Tan

Head of Programme, Minor in Applied Ageing Studies
Senior Lecturer, Master/PhD in Gerontology Programmes

Professor Leslie Chew, SC

Professor Leslie Chew, SC

School of Law

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